What Does FML Mean; FML Web Site

There are many people who have asked lately what does FML mean? The meaning is pretty much simple. To answer the question what does FML mean, FML stands for “F**k my life”. This is an expression that is used to bring about the expression of despair that is humorous. With this practice since 2008, the abbreviation has been used periodically that has led to the formulation of a blog with the same acronym as a title. FML site is a platform that many people come each and every day where they can post unfortunate things that have happened to them that are deemed to be humorous.

what does fml mean

What does FML mean; an inside look on the FML site

Those who frequently ask what does FML mean, tend to not understand what the site is all about. The popularity of the site has grown over the years such that at one time, the site recorded an astonishing hit. The site recorded hits amounting to 1.7 million per day which has been on this particular trend since that time. This site was formulated in the year 2009 which was a year after the formulation of the FML abbreviation.
There are different categories that are supported on the site which include Animals, Intimacy, Love, Health, Money, miscellaneous among many. As of the beginning of the year 2013, the site featured production of web videos to bring the stories shared to the views of many. The Blog is famously known as FMyLife. Many readers go there to have access to the fascinating stories that can clearly happen to any person across the globe.

What does FML mean; posting on FML

What does FML mean was a question that was asked frequently among the online community and it has led many to appreciate the FML site. This is because they clearly understand the meaning of the abbreviation and participate in giving fascinating stories on the site. To post on the site, the person who doesn’t have ask what does FML mean is required to search for the FML site and access its pages. At the top of the site page, there is an option indicated, “Submit Your FML” where one is required to click on it so as to be able to post.
One will be provided with fields to fill which include spaces for one to fill his/her nickname, gender together with the category of the site. The following step is that the person is required to write his/her story according to the guidelines of FML where one is required to start with “Today”. To finish the story, he/she is required to finish with the abbreviation “FML”.

What does FML mean; requirements for the FML post

The posts to be shared on the FML are required to be brief. After completion, one is required to click the button labelled “Spill the beans!” which will go into moderation. The process of moderation is to ensure that the site administrators read the posts. If they find it funny, realistic and fresh, then they will feature the post on the site. This will enable those who know the answer to what does FML mean to be fascinated.

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