What Does FML Mean; FML Web Site

There are many people who have asked lately what does FML mean? The meaning is pretty much simple. To answer the question what does FML mean, FML stands for “F**k my life”. This is an expression that is used to bring about the expression of despair that is humorous. With this practice since 2008, the abbreviation has been used periodically that has led to the formulation of a blog with the same acronym as a title. FML site is a platform that many people come each and every day where they can post unfortunate things that have happened to them that are deemed to be humorous.

what does fml mean

What does FML mean; an inside look on the FML site

Those who frequently ask what does FML mean, tend to not understand what the site is all about. The popularity of the site has grown over the years such that at one time, the site recorded an astonishing hit. The site recorded hits amounting to 1.7 million per day which has been on this particular trend since that time. This site was formulated in the year 2009 which was a year after the formulation of the FML abbreviation.
There are different categories that are supported on the site which include Animals, Intimacy, Love, Health, Money, miscellaneous among many. As of the beginning of the year 2013, the site featured production of web videos to bring the stories shared to the views of many. The Blog is famously known as FMyLife. Many readers go there to have access to the fascinating stories that can clearly happen to any person across the globe.

What does FML mean; posting on FML

What does FML mean was a question that was asked frequently among the online community and it has led many to appreciate the FML site. This is because they clearly understand the meaning of the abbreviation and participate in giving fascinating stories on the site. To post on the site, the person who doesn’t have ask what does FML mean is required to search for the FML site and access its pages. At the top of the site page, there is an option indicated, “Submit Your FML” where one is required to click on it so as to be able to post.
One will be provided with fields to fill which include spaces for one to fill his/her nickname, gender together with the category of the site. The following step is that the person is required to write his/her story according to the guidelines of FML where one is required to start with “Today”. To finish the story, he/she is required to finish with the abbreviation “FML”.

What does FML mean; requirements for the FML post

The posts to be shared on the FML are required to be brief. After completion, one is required to click the button labelled “Spill the beans!” which will go into moderation. The process of moderation is to ensure that the site administrators read the posts. If they find it funny, realistic and fresh, then they will feature the post on the site. This will enable those who know the answer to what does FML mean to be fascinated.

The Online Dictionary; What Does FML Mean Part 2

In part one, facts on the online dictionary were stated together with a little more details on what does FML mean. The following facts are hugely focused on what other known abbreviations mean rather than FML. A person asking what does FML mean will get to know other abbreviations that are periodically used by the online community.

what does fml mean

What does FML mean and other abbreviations

If a new person is new in making use of abbreviations when undertaking messaging either online or through SMS, he/she tends to find it difficult in knowing what the abbreviations mean. It is regular to find a person asking what does FML mean and this is a question that can be posed to any form of abbreviations that they don’t have any form of knowledge on. FML is an abbreviation that is used to bring humor when telling someone else that he/she has despaired in life. The full acronym of FML is F**k My Life, another popular abbreviation that is used as the FML is SMH.

What does FML mean; SMH

SMH stands for “Shaking my head” where others tend to make use of it to mean “Scratching my head” which is a slang that is periodically used when the said person has done something stupid. Another related term that is closely related to the SMH is the SMDH which actually means “shaking my damn head”. This particular acronym is considered to the net level of SMH because it means that the said person has done something stupider. For extreme stupidity, then the said person is required to state SMFH which clearly means “Shaking my F***ing head”.

What does FML mean; others

What does FML mean is an example of a question that many people tend to ask when it comes to this particular situation. Face palm slang is much used the same to exclaim that the said person is something that is considered to be very stupid. FWIW is another term that is periodically used by the online community, which clearly means “For what it’s worth”. Another common abbreviation that is used include AFAIK and AFAIC, AFAIK stands for “As far as I know” while AFAIC stands for “As far as I am concerned”.
TTFN falls among the abbreviations that one can find to have been sent to him/her, it means “Ta Ta for now”. It is a form of message that is periodically used to say goodbye. TYVM is on the positive note which stands for “Thank you very much”. These are among the many that are used to pass long messages across.
One who asks what does FML mean would wonder why many people are making use of them. Many people tend to like making use of the abbreviations to put across messages that will take a long time to write in full. Even if this is the case, these slangs have an effect if one makes use of them periodically.

The Online Dictionary; What Does FML Mean Part 1

Abbreviations are used when it comes to online and SMS messaging because many people find it cool to do so. Another belief as to why many people incorporate abbreviations is that it saves up on time. It is due to this case that many people have come across abbreviations such as FML, LOL, SMH, IMMD, FWIW and many others. If one doesn’t know them then he/she will have a question roaming his/her mind, what does FML mean. This is not only for the case of FML but also others that are famously used when one is chatting with his/her peers.
The following facts will clearly answer the question, what does FML mean together with many others that currently form the online dictionary.

what does fml mean

What does FML mean; the purpose of online dictionary

The sole purpose of the online dictionary is to satisfy many people who have questions about what does FML mean together with other known abbreviations. This enables many people to be on the same page when he/she is chatting with these kinds of slangs. It is due to this case that there’s the presence of online dictionary that is present for anyone to access to know the meaning of the slangs that he/she has been put to task to understand. According to the latest statistics, it has been found that many people don’t ask their peers on the meaning of the slangs such as what does FML mean because they consider it an embarrassing gesture.

What does FML means; the popularity of the online dictionary

As said earlier, it is very difficult for one to ask his/her peers, what does FML mean. This is because they consider it awkward and everyone especially the youth would like to look cool among them. It is due to this case that the online dictionary has become very popular recently because of the huge increase that has been experienced in terms of slang usage. It has reached an age where absolutely anyone can come up with his/her slang and in no time, it spreads to all places in the world.
It is due to this case that the online dictionary is regularly updated so as to cater for abbreviations such as FML together with many others. Those that are finding it embarrassing in asking their peers on what does FML mean, have a great option and are also provided with an opportunity to surprise their peers by making use of new slangs.

What does FML mean according to the online dictionary

Those that ask what does FML mean can understand the fact according to the online dictionary that FML stands for F**k My Life. It is an abbreviation that is famously used to express despair with relation to humor. It is an abbreviation that has really gained popularity in the year 2011 after being formulated in the year 2008. It is used in various online and SMS conversations to mean that one’s life is pathetic and laughable. Hence it doesn’t mean that one is serious about despairing about life.

What Does FML Mean To Anyone

What does fml mean, is a question that many people tend to ask. Learn about the meaning of FML and what it stands for among the online community. FML is a term that many people are making use of when it comes to the social media. Those new to the term normally ask, what FML means because they think it is a cool thing. At the present, there are many abbreviations related to internet messaging together with short messaging services. What does FML mean is an actual question that one can ask if he/she has received a block of message that has FML within it.

 what does fml mean

What does FML mean; are there any others?

As said earlier, there are a lot of abbreviations that many people are seeking for in terms of the meaning. This is because it is accorded to be the newest way of doing things at this present age. It is very embarrassing especially among the youths to as to what does FML mean. It is due to this case that many assume that they know what it means because asking their friends this particular question will make them to look as if they are so backward in terms of current trends.
There are many abbreviations apart from FML which continue to be devised each and every day. This abbreviation is considered as a slang of texting that has adverse effects if the youth continues to use it.

What does FML mean; the actual meaning of FML

The actual meaning of FML is F**k My Life which is an abbreviation text that is used to bring about the expression of despair that is humorous. What does FML mean, is a question that has been asked since 2008, it is at this time that this particular slang was developed for usage in texting and online messaging. At this time it, was not that popular but in 2011, the abbreviation has increased in terms of popularity. Many people who make use of the abbreviation tend to mean that their life is laughable and pathetic, which is believed to spark great conversation with their peers.
Emergence of great social media has ensured that this acronym together with others have been used frequently among the billions of people.

What does FML mean; uses of FML

It has been found that those asking what does FML mean making use of the acronym differently after knowing the meaning. This clearly indicates that the usage tends to differ from one person to the other. The application also differs when it comes to various situations or moments hence it is likely for one to give a different meaning as compared to the other person. Although the worldly known meaning of FML is F**k My Life, it doesn’t mean that a person is tired of his life or has despaired at what life is all about. It is usually taken as a joke where many people find it funny when a person has texted such abbreviation.
It is a world of an online community hence asking what does FML mean, is not a stupid question that anyone can ask. To be part of this community, one has to clearly understand the slangs because many people are making use of it.